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Hymn 157 – “Jesus’ prayer for all his brethren…,”

Margaret Imrie  •  Song


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Hymn 157 – “Jesus’ prayer for all his brethren…,”
Music: George Dyson;
Lyrics: Violet Hay.

Jesus’ prayer for all his brethren: 
Father, that they may be one, 
Echoes down
through all the ages, 
Nor prayed he for these alone 
But for all, that through all
God’s will be done.
One the Mind and Life of all things, 
For we live in God alone; 
One the Love
whose ever-presence 
Blesses all and injures none. 
Safe within this Love we
find all 
being one.
Day by day the understanding 
Of our oneness shall increase, 
Till among all
men and nations 
Warfare shall forever cease, 
So God’s children all shall dwell

in joy and peace.

© The Mary Baker Eddy Collection, used with permission

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