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I Am

Désirée Goyette  •  Song


Fresh and original, the simple contrapuntal motion in the outer voices sets this contemporary classic solo for voice and piano (organ). Jazz harmonies.

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I Am

Music by Désirée Goyette
Lyrics: Désirée Goyette

I am Love’s child only reflecting light
Far from illusion I live never to dwell in night
One eternal day holy, sacred, pure
I am the child of “I Am” and one with Love, I am whole

Flowing unified each of us held inside
Love’s all-inclusive embrace, Outstretched, eternal, wide
Trusting we receive only what Mind conceives
We are what Truth know we are and one in Love, we are whole.

Copyright 2000
Lightchild Publishing

Copyright 2000 Lightchild Publishing

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