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I Am With You

Sara Renner  •  Song


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I Am With You
nate sabin
C. 2008 Lorilu Music/ASCAP

Verse 1
In the night, in the day I am with you
In the sun, in the rain I am near
In the dark troubled time
I am here to clear your mind
I am with you to the end never fear

Verse 2
If your skies turn to grey I am with you
When your friends walk away I am near
When you’re lost and alone come to me I’ll be your home
I am with you to the end
Never fear

Call me alpha and omega
Call me father call me friend
Call anytime you’ll find that I’m close at hand
I am closer than a heartbeat
I am master of the wind
Everything you need for me to be
I am
I am

Verse 3
If you stand, If you fall I am with you
If you can’t even call I can hear
If you cry in the night
I will be the mornin’ light
I am with you to the end never fear

Everything you need
Need for me to be
Everything you need
I am

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