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I Never Asked

Désirée Goyette  •  Song


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I Never Asked
Music and Lyrics by Rita Abrams with Ed Bogas

I never asked you to pass this way
Or stay with me so long
And I never asked you to fill my days
With laughing, loving song

And I never asked
For all the warmth you sent my way
Or for the good things that you gave
But you gave them anyway

I never asked you to find the key
That opened up my heart
When I had decided to hide away
And live my life apart

Through years of quiet nights
And silent dawns to start each day
I never called for a morning song
But you sang one anyway

Now I am asking why you have changed
Your happy songs to sad
And now I am asking why feelings change
From beautiful to bad

And why should I feel as cold
As if I’d never felt the sun
When I have never, ever asked
For what you’ve done?

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