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I Was There

Julia Wade  •  Song


An inspiring witnessing of the Disciples’ breakfast with Jesus on the shore of Galilee after a long night of fruitless fishing. Lyrics by Peter Link.

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I Was There
Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

I was there on that morning by the sea
As the sun broke purple through the haze
I was there as they cast their nets in sorrow
And the waters yeilded nothing
As the sky was all ablaze

I was there as he stood upon the shoreline
Watching those he loved struggle on
I was there as he whispered ‘cross the waters
“cast your nets now on the right side
For the night is surely gone”

Yes I was there with the master
In the purple light of dawn
I was there as we all went struggling on

I was there
And the catch that day was a billion souls
And it’s happening again
He’s teaching us to pray
He’s teaching us to heal
And then we too can be
Fishers of men

I was there when he told them how he loved them
And his words burned a purpose in their hearts
As the fire turned to ashes then he left them
But the gift of god stayed with them
In the inward parts

I was there

© Westrax Music Publishing

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