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Kind Music

Serah  •  Song


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Kind Music

Music & lyrics by Serah

Verse 1A It’s just a gentle look
Glimpsed there in the eyes
Like some ancient memory
Stripped of disguise

Verse 1B Shadows of flowers
Dance on my walls
Moving in candlelight
Kind music calls.

Verse 1C I open my eyes again
Take my immortality
One moment to understand
We will be free

Chorus I I’m loving; I find my wings
How finally an answer sings
Shadows fade in the light
There are no more walls
Nothing can stop this love
Kind music calls…

Verse 2B Les ombres des fleurs
Dansent sur les murs
Dans la flame d’une bougi
Musique en coeur

Chorus II Like waking in the deep of night
Looking out to a sea of light
Couldn’t I just walk right out
How that path of moon calls
Us into the eyes of Love
O…., seeing it all
Kind music calls…
It’s just a gentle look
Seeing it all…

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