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Lay Down Lullaby

Lisa Redfern  •  Song


After my mother passed away, I wrote this to comfort my little sister, my older brother, and my grandmother, Honey – and myself.

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Lay Down Lullaby
Words and Music by Lisa Redfern

Laydown your pen and close the door
Don’t force the story anymore
Shut your eyes and still your mind
Mother will send ideas in time

Sleep, sister, sleep (x 3)
Your muse will be there tomorrow

Laydown your brush and colors bright
Dreams will dare you through the night
In oils and gouaches you’ll paint scenes
Father’s appearing by degrees

Sleep, brother, sleep (x 3)
Your canvas will be there tomorrow

Laydown your trowel and lavender
All your life a garden of prayer
They went before you but they are near
Your daughters smell your roses from here

Sleep, Honey, sleep (x 3)
Your garden will be there tomorrow

Laydown my song and think of you
This lullaby is for you two
In dreams you guide me through it all
To rise in love instead of fall

Sleep, Lisa, sleep (x 3)
Your song will be there tomorrow

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