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Let Love Find The Way

Peter Link  •  Song


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Let Love Find The Way
Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

Standing in the shadows
Wondering what happened
Nothing but heartache
Defines this moment of life
Looking for a reason
Looking for a rhyme
It’s all over
You’re through
So where do you go from here
And what do you do?

And if you lose your faith in man
And find your life in disarray
And question how it all began
And why you went astray
And looking back you wonder
If you had only worked from love
And left regrets to yesterday
And let love find the way

[Interlude 1]

Where would you be today
In a quiet space
In a holy place
If you only had worked from love
And let love find the way

[Interlude 2]

Then heart to heart and eye to eye
The bond between becomes restored
And all is well in one accord
When you let love find the way

Could it be so easy
Could it be so simple
Faith is the answer
It defines this moment in life
God is in your corner
Can you just accept that
It’s God’s moment
Not yours

So if you sail the mighty deep
And find yourself adrift at sea
With those around you in your keep
Afraid of what might be
And as you’re slipping under
While all around you weep in fear
Just turn to God in your dismay
And let love find the way

Remember it’s God’s moment
So let love find the way

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