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Branice McKenzie  •  Song


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Verse 1
There’s a breeze that pushes shadows to the other side of day
There’s are winds that hurl your mind to meadows born
There’s a funny kind of special kind of music you can hear
When you listen to your heart not just your mind

When you listen
many things revealed
Doors are opened to new worlds unknown
When you listen
the sky becomes your home

When you listen with your heart not just your mind
When you lend an ear and speak another time
When your silence is a smile that one can feel
Then your ears become important and very real

Verse 2
There’s a time when all the world is calm
And quiet is your friend
And the rivers and the mountains seem to smile
That’s the moment you can hear the voice
that speaks inside of you
Then you’ll know the very thing that you must do


Eunice music © 1999

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