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London Bridge

Désirée Goyette  •  Song


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London Bridge
Music and Lyrics by Ed Bogas

I fell in love in London Town
And all my walls came tumblin’ down
And for a while I felt so free
And then I found the simple note
One word — “goodbye” –
That’s all he wrote
Another dream come stumblin’, tumblin’ to the ground

In London town I walked each street
The world no longer at my feet
And wonderin’ why
He left what felt so right
But I won’t seek another song to sing
Not here or in Paris in the spring
I don’t want one sweet day
That’s followed by a long, cold night

When you give your heart away
You may feel lighter for a day
But you may move at your new love’s commands
He was my bridge but leading where?
Up to a castle in the air
Where your fate lies in someone else’s hands

Now London Bridge has fallen down
And I’m alone in this big town
I’ll build a new bridge from the ground
For this Fair Lady

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