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Miles Davis manifested his art and leadership through his many stellar musical ensembles. During his illustrious career the sound of his trumpet was always recognizable and his alone. Soloist Derrick Gardner captures the essence of Miles in his most Silent Way.

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A Tribute to Miles Davis

When suddenly you hear in the night,
A muted trumpet playing soft then bright,
You will know its Miles, in his own mellifluous, mellifluous way.

The sound of silence, sound of Miles, eclectically,
As he turns his back to us all.
Music and space you find
Each time he blows bebop lines eternally.

Enharmonic allegory, anacamptic, rainbow glory light,
Radiant star, So Near, and So Far, Prince of Darkness.
Listen, hear his trumpeting call,
Nocturnal dream in a dark Bitches Brew,
Heaven and Hell in a deep Kind of Blue.

When you hear Miles Davis play sweetly, Solar
Black clouds and star-crossed
Night turns to daybreak,
Miles in his Silent Way.

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