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Mulligan’s Stew

Ron Di Salvio  •  Song


Gerry Mulligan was a giant of the baritone saxophone with an unmistakable tone and a masterful creator of melodic invention. Rob Smith solos on the baritone sax and Jimmy Cobb flexes his finesse on the exchanging fours.

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Mulligan’s Stew
A Tribute to Gerry Mulligan

When you’re in a stew,
Not sure what to do;
Need a help ‘in hand,
Try this tonic and you’ll feel just grand,
Don’t eat candy!

Feel the way his bari,
Blows away your worry,
When you hear the sound of Mulligan.
Gerry has a way to relieve all your strife,
It’s the way he plays it,
Listen to him phrase it.

Now you’re in a groove.
Please don’t lose your cool.
Hold it steady, steady Eddie.

Step right off of the blues,
Time to bend all the rules,
Jazz is where it’s at cat’s,
On a dreary day,
When you need a mind shift,
Take a taste of Mulligan Stew.

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