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My Grateful Spirit Sings

Nitya Thomas  •  Song


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My Grateful Spirit Sings
Music and Lyrics by Sally DeFord

In all thy works I see thy glory
In mighty wonders; in small and simple things
heart rejoices in the bounty set before me
And my grateful spirit sings

Each rising sun tells of thy goodness
The rain proclaims Thee in the life it
And all creation bears Thee sure and silent witness
And my grateful
spirit sings

The stars that crown the realms of space
Reflect the image of thy grace
rolling seas, the earth and sky
Declare thy pow’r, thy majesty and might

I see thy hand in man’s compassion
Thou art the font of kindness whence it
Thy boundless charity hath wrought my soul’s salvation
And my grateful
spirit sings

For changeless love and endless mercy
For countless blessings beyond the
wealth of kings
For every perfect gift thou sendest, Lord, I praise thee
And my
grateful spirit sings

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