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Ron Di Salvio  •  Song


A song constructed on the harmonic progression of George Gershwin’s “I’ve Got Rhythm” (rhythm changes) featuring the melody doubled by the bass. This challenging vocal offers a nod to “Oscar and Ray”.

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A Tribute to Oscar Peterson

It’s when you hear piano playing miles above the ordinary,
That you can’t deny, rapid fingers flying by,
Must be Oscarniceinicity that’s making the sound,
Oscarniceinicity, when he plays He Is Gone.

Then he strikes a chord so clever, makes my head spin, mind or matter?
Harmony with soul, gets right down and makes you whole,
Gonna’ be a groovy day when you hear Oscar and Ray,
Oscarniceinicity, Oscar “The Great”.

Do you hear his grand piano?
He plays a tune with such enamor.
It must be Oscar’s Magnum Opus,
Let’s shout it out that Peterson is “King”.

Its Oscarniceinicity the jubilation of his dream,
Is playing jazz his way, on a ordinary day,
When he plays the eighty-eight in such a Kind of Blue way
Oscarniceinicity, its Oscar’s day!

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