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Papaya Moon

Serah  •  Song


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Papaya Moon

Music and lyrics by Serah


Taffa Dali, Jambo Sana…

The sounds of laughing and a far off tune
The soft waves beneath papaya moon
Rising with my thoughts, I’m doing my best
To sing a song that I can wear with my dress

I’m gonna dance all over the sands
My feet are moving, will you take my hands
You look at me, roses in my hair
Lift me up to the sky if you only dare

Taffa Dali, Jambo Sana

I was too long beneath the juniper tree
So tired and weary, I could barely see
How far we’d come and I can make my choice
and find a song that I can wear with my voice

Don’t want to think, not to worry at all…
The world was heavy as a cannon ball
Shot through the heart and you could see me fall
But I’ll be up again better than before


The sounds of laughter blowing in with the wind
Surf is rolling and its moving in
I hear the children making happy play
I’m gonna break, gonna break, gonna break away
Taffa Dali, Jambo Sana…..

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