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Pool Of Bethesda

Mindy Jostyn  •  Song


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Pool of Bethesda
Words by Mindy Jostyn & Jacob Brackman
Music by Mindy Jostyn

I am an old man from Jerusalem
I’m a merchant of sheep hereabout
From the shadows behind my marketplace stall
I’ve watched many a drama play out
I haven’t learned any great secrets
And I haven’t a whole lot to show
But the one thing I know happened so long ago
One day by the Pool of Bethesda

They say that a miracle’s struck more than once
(As for me, I’m not all that sure)
But folks who believe, they will travel for months
In the hopes of finding a cure
On the five wide porches surrounding the pool
Scores of afflicted souls kneel
And each of them feels that he can be healed
One day by the Pool of Bethesda

Now one man, he lay there year after year
Crippled for most of his life
Twisted by time, damned by despair
All the angels had passed this one by
I saw him approached by a stranger
As they spoke, he looked up in surprise
With my very own eyes, I saw him arise
That day by the Pool of Bethesda

He got up and he walked, then he danced and he cried
With a joy that I rarely have heard
And the stranger was gone before we knew why
Or how such a thing could occur
Now rumors abound all over this town
Till you don’t know what’s true anymore
But I heard what I heard and I saw what I saw
That day by the Pool of Bethesda

I watched life pass by from my sheep market stall
In the dust, in the heat, in the rain
Till I saw something happen I still can’t explain
One day by the Pool of Bethesda

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