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Power, Sex & Money

I’d like to go to heaven when I grow up
Way beyond the clouds where it’s always sunny
‘Cause I’m really so good, it’s just the neighborhood —
Everybody’s runnin’ after power, sex and money
Running, running, running after power, sex and money
I’ve heard it’s true, there’s a chosen few
Who find splendor in the grass & glory in the flower
I’ll be one of them, too — just as soon as I’m through
Accumulating money, sex & power
I’m ruminating ’bout money, sex & power
The more I want the less I’ve got
It’s a circle game, it’s a devil’s knot
They always look so happy in the magazines —
Those Marlboro men and Maybelline queens
Angels up above, are you watching me?
From where you sit, I must look pretty funny,
All tangled up in vanity
Dazzled by power, sex and money
What’s so great about power, sex and money?
I’m so tired of trying to compete
And even when I win, I still feel incomplete
Like a roller coaster junkie on a carnival ride
Circling around, high off the ground,
Doomed to go down unsatisfied
I dreamed last night I ran away
Far from the city, clear out of the country
When I got there, not one damn thing had changed
Just foreign variations on power sex and money
China guys chasing after power sex & money
Hungarians hungry for power sex & money
Calcuttians calculating . . .
Scottsmen scheming . . .
Salvadorians salivating . . .
Californians dreaming . . .

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