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Prodigal Child

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Prodigal Child
Music by Mindy Jostyn
Lyrics by Mindy Jostyn and Jacob Brackman

I am a weary wanderer, I’ve traveled far and wide
In search of satisfactions I could not find inside
But everywhere I travel, I’m searching in the rain
And every city floods me with emptiness and pain

I left my homeland long ago with pockets full of gold
I squandered my inheritance, I slept out in the cold
Till in my darkest hour, I cried out in despair
Oh, lead me back to my childhood home
Back to my father’s care

And if he will not have me, I’ll go down on bended knee
And ask my generous father if a servant I could be
Though once I was his cherished one
I fear that in my shame
I am no longer privileged to bear our family name

My father sees me coming from far across the field
He runs to hold me in his arms before I reach his hill
I beg for his forgiveness, I don’t deserve his grace
He cries, “I’ve found you, child of mine”
As tears stream down his face

I am a weary wanderer come home at last to stay
My restless soul has found it’s peace
My heart has found it’s way
I failed to win the world, but I’ve gained a greater prize
To know I am a worthy child in my gentle father’s eyes

Copyright ( 2005 Say No More Publishing (BMI) & Maya Productions Ltd. (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.

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