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Ready For Love

Janina Sebesky  •  Song


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Ready For Love

Music and Lyrics by Janina Serden Sebesky

My eyes are wide open now
My feet are firmly on the ground
My heart is so full of the love I have found with you
Two hearts need time to grow
And sometimes it can be painful and slow
Real love doesn’t come overnight I know it’s true
I’m ready for love with you

My life seems to be complete
Knowing the way I feel when our eyes meet
That no problem will be too hard to defeat with you
And time will lead the way
And we will make the most of each day
Our love, I believe in enough to say…I do
I’m ready for love with you

I can give you my heart without losing my soul
Even when we’re apart,
I will always feel whole loving you
I’m ready for love with you

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