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Refuge of the Song

Serah  •  Song


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Refuge of the Song

Music & lyrics by Serah

Won’t you step back abit,
Let me take off this mask,
I’d really like to talk to you,
If you can hear me I ask.

Will you hear me at last?
I count the stars alone,
And hold a candle to see you,
But the shadow’s my own.

Maybe all the years were just a dream,
And all the tears were not what they seem.
All the many colors of love
Find their fullness in you.
You were always my rainbow beloved;
Is this something you knew?

Finding refuge in the secret place,
Here in my song you’ll always see your face;
See your face in the refuge of the song;
Find your place in a love that goes on and on…

Alone in my garden,
Hearing still the rhythm and rhyme;
The promise blooms before me;
She will come down in time…

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