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Savor The Moment

Sara Renner  •  Song


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Savor the Moment
Staci Frenes, Sara Renner, Nate Sabin
c. 2008 Stone’s Throw Music/ASCAP Lone Soul Publishing/ASCAP, Lorilu Music/ASCAP

Verse 1
Autumn day, late afternoon
Watchin’ the sunset out my window
Inside all day, I can’t seem to move
Held captive by these four walls
Gotta open up that door

I’m not missin’ another day
Gotta get outside and stay in the sun a little longer
I need to feel a little stronger
I’m not worried about my life
It’s gonna be alright
It may not be forever so for now I need to savor
Savor the moment

Verse 2
Light on my face forgot how good this feels
Takin’ in this sacred moment
I’ll be okay
I know this is real
I won’t let this sorrow hold me
Gotta open up that door

Moments pass much too fast
I can’t chase them down
I can only say I’m grateful for this time
To close my eyes in the warm sunlight
Let it heal me now
Feel the breeze blow
Whisperin’ hope

Time fly’s
Don’t forget
Experience Life

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