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Sing Ye a Joyful Song

Lorna Kelly  •  Song


A song of joy and triumph unto God who has done marvelous things. Let the trees of the forest clap their hands for joy!

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Sing Ye a Joyful Song
Music by Antonin Dvorak
Words from Isaiah 55:12

Sing ye a joyful song unto the Lord,
Who hath done marvelous, marvelous things
Praise the Lord all the earth!
Sing praises, shout and be joyful.

Let the sea roar and all that is therein,
The round earth and all they that dwell there,
Lift your voices, floods and tempests,
Mountains clap your hands for joy.

Let the fields laugh and sing with waving corn,
And let all the trees of the forest be joyful!

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