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Small Inspirations

Janina Sebesky  •  Song


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Small Inspirations

Music and Lyrics by Janina Serden Sebesky

Small inspirations come to us every day
So we can use them
Don’t let them get away
Small inspirations belong to everyone
Go take a small step to get a big job done
Small inspirations are where we need to start
People will listen if it’s comin’ from the heart
Small inspirations can give your voice a song
If you can hear it, the message will be strong
We can move mountains
One stone at a time
If we work together
Things will turn out fine
With small inspirations and great love

Small inspirations can come in many ways
So pay attention to see how it portrays
Small inspirations can make your dreams come true
To make it happen
It’s really up to you
We can build bridges connecting one and all
If we join together
There’s no need to fall
With small inspirations and great love

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