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So Fragile

Mindy Jostyn  •  Song


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So Fragile

(verse 1)
You’re breathing easy now,
Like a peaceful child
I’d paint you if I could,
Looks like you’ll sleep there for a while
I put my raincoat on,
Thinking round and round
Then I turn off your light
And head back downtown
All in a moment, all in a moment, falling fast
All in a moment, all in a moment, all in a flash
You shattered my past, I can’t go back
I can only act out a part now
You shattered my past, it’s broken glass
Never knew it was so fragile
(verse 2)
I take a taxi home
Roll the windows down
And hear the mist of falling rain
The very air seems new and strange
‘Cause time is turning now,
Turning round and round
And my world, once safe and sound
Lies in pieces on the ground
And time is turning and turning round and round
Dust to dust, back to the ground we go
So fragile

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