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Suburban Street

Désirée Goyette  •  Song


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Suburban Street
Music and Lyrics by Ed Bogas

A quiet walk in the evening on Suburban Street
So far away from all the madness back on Bourbon Street
A-hundred trees lay a welcoming mat of leaves along the ground
And their rustling is the only sound you’ll hear

A distant headlight probably means that someone’s coming home
Suburban Street is not a lonely road that leads to Rome
And every house, no matter how small is someone’s sweet abode
And an opening door’s the only sound you’ll hear

I pass each picture window and meet wide-open eyes
Of little children barely walking and yet they seem so wise
“Don’t you have a home to go to?” They seem to ask of me
In the words of that old song they wonder, “Who can this fool be?”

The quiet walk makes me wonder what a life is worth
If it never finds s way to this small heaven on earth
Where every heart can give and receive the love that’s all around
And their laughter is the only sound you hear

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