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Teach Me to Love

Lorna Kelly  •  Song


A tender song of quiet beauty, a pleading to Divine Love to teach us to love unconditionally and especially those who toil on their spiritual journey to helping others.

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Teach Me to Love
Music by Carl Fredrickson
Words by Louise Wheatley and Cook Hovanian

Today I have but one petition Lord, teach me to love.
Teach me to love.

Teach me to love
Indeed it is my greatest and my only need
Teach me to love not those who first love me,
But all the world with that rare purity
Which holds in its embrace humanity,
And only seems to see the good in all reflected Lord from Thee.

And teach me Father how to love the most
Those who most stand in need of love,
Who toil along the road with footsteps slow,
And hearts more heavy than the world can know.

I want to tell them Lord about your power
I long to have the courage Lord to speak,
To tell them how Your love will bring us peace.

Help me to seek and find those who thought that they were lost;
To speak such words of cheer that as we heed Your voice,
The wilderness shall blossom
Shall blossom and rejoice.

Teach me to love,
Indeed it is my greatest and my only need.
Thou knowest God above, my one desire now,
Teach me to love.

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