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The Christ is Here

Rebecca Minor  •  Song


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This simple and tender rendition of the Nativity highlights the role of the Bethlehem star, heralding the birth of Jesus, leading the wise men to him, and inspiring comfort for those “far away and near” that “the Christ is here”.

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The Christ is Here
Words and music by Rebecca Minor

Wondrous star, healing beam, warming shivering shepherds
While wise men dream of a might babe, gift of life,
Sent from heaven to conquer all earthly strife.

Prophet star – shine your light for us all to share
Through the message of Love you bear.
Whisper hope to hearts so far away and near –
The Christ is here.

Guiding star, angel’s mark
Leading out from oppression, banishing the dark.

Healing star – call your heavenly host tonight
Bringing harmony into sight
For those precious words will drive away all fear.
The Christ is here.

Here to wipe away all fear
Here to teach us grace.
Here to lead us upward
‘Til we see God face to face.

Wondrous star
Tell the world
Christ is here…
Christ is here…

Copyright Rebecca Minor 2012

Copyright Rebecca Minor 2012

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