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The Ego Song

Désirée Goyette  •  Song


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The Ego Song
Music & Lyrics by Ed Bogas

Me-me-me-me (4x)

Tonight, leave your ego at home
Though it’s charming and disarming
Leave it at home
Though we enjoy its bragging and blaming
Finger pointing and naming
And how it loudly proclaims that you’re always right
Tonight, won’t you leave it at home?

Me-me-me-me (4x)

Tonight, give your ego a rest
Though it gives us all a workout
Please give it a rest
Though we appreciate its tireless judging
And the throne from which it’s never budging
And how it loudly proclaims that you’re the best
Tonight, won’t you give it a rest?

Me-me-me-me (2x)

Now I know that it’s hard to abandon
Your nearly constant companion
Who’s got your back and keeps things under control
But your ego keeps you hidden
And makes honesty forbidden
It saves your face but locks away your soul

So tonight, let your ego go free
Let it go wherever egos go
When they’re not somebody’s “me” (Me-me-me-me)
Let it dream its dream of greatness and superiority
Maybe we can start up something new
And maybe I will leave my ego home too

No more me-me-me-me
Not even you-you-you-you

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