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The Garment

Josh Henn  •  Song


A tender, third-person account of a healing of faith, experienced by the woman with the issue of blood.

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The Garment
Music and Words by Carolyn Kardinal

She humbly came behind Him, jostled by the crushing mass.
She knew if she could touch Him, her healing would come to pass.

Desperately she reached out to touch the garment’s hem,
To partake of the anointing of Christ whom God had sent.

As her hand reached out and brushed the cloth, Jesus perceived her troubled soul,
And he gently spoke, “Be of good comfort. Thy faith hath made thee whole.”

Tears of relief and joy flowed from her grateful eyes.
In that instant she was healed, for Truth could not be disguised!

She went her way rejoicing, no longer enslaved, but free.
Just as the blind man had been healed, now she, too, could see.

From this pilgrim’s story comes hope for all who are oppressed.
If we may but touch the garment of Truth, we, too, shall be blessed.

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