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The Healing of Jairus’ Daughter

Josh Henn  •  Song


An introspective retelling of the well-known biblical story with sweet melodies; the message and ending are moving.

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The Healing of Jairus’ Daughter
Music and Lyrics by Carolyn Kardinal

“I’ve heard of this man they call Jesus,” she said.
“He heals multitudes, they say.
He even healed the blind man.
Seems like only yesterday.
Oh, Jairus, you must help our daughter.
You must go down to the sea
And ask Jesus, to come here.
Our daughter’s life is in jeopardy.

If he holds the power of healing in the palm of his hand,
Then Jesus is the Son of God, not an ordinary man.”

So Jairus went from his mansion
And found Jesus amidst the throng.
He humbled himself and worshiped him,
But he had waited too long.
A servant came down to tell him,
His only daughter was dead.
“Trouble not the Master” is what the servant said.

“Be not afraid. Only believe.” Jesus said,
But the crowd continued to mourn.
“She is not dead, but sleepeth.”
And they all laughed him to scorn.
Then He put them all out, with all their doubt,
And said, “Damsel, arise.”
As the Master talked she stood and walked,
Right before their eyes.


Trust in the Lord to redeem mankind
And destroy death’s evidence.
“Be not afraid. Only believe.”
He’s our refuge and defense.
For in his light shall we see light.
Christ is the Light of the World.
He proved God’s ever present power,
By healing a twelve year old girl.


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