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The Night I Met St. Nick

Julia Wade  •  Song


Here we get to experience a whole new Julia in song – the character actress. Just this song alone is worth the price of admission. “It was great fun to write this and just dive into my imagination and see what burst forth. It’s a Christmas theme that’s been handled somewhat previously (I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus), but here we try to give it a few unexpected twists and turns – just for laughs.” ~Peter Link

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The Night I Met St. Nick
Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

I was hiding ‘hind the sofa
When he came down the chimney
Cuz I did not believe
He could ach-ally come down the chimney
But he came down the chimney
Just like they always said he would
Uh hum yeah
With a grunt and a whoosh … and kerplop!

It amazed me so, I forgot I was hiding
So, I stood up in amazement at a fat man in a red suit
With a scowl upon his face.
“What in tarnation are you doing up now
At this ungodly hour, young lady?”
He said as he texted on his iPhone back up North to his elf

“Well, Mr. Claus,” I replied, most polite,
“I guess I just had to see for myself!”

“Well now you’ve gone an’ done it!”
As he pulled out his list.

“Let’s see here uuuuuuhhhhh, you must be young Julie
Is that right?”
“Well, that’s right!” said I.
“Well you’re now in big trouble, sure as pie”

“I got a most busy schedule now you’re makin’ me late
Right now I oughta be back in my sled instead
So go ahead now … an’ go back to bed!
And doncha be peekin’ through the keyhole.”

When I got up that morning — that Christmas morning—
There was nothing in my stocking but a lump of coal

I woulda cried my eyes out, but remember, good people
It was just a dream
Just a dream …
It was just a dream about the night I met St. Nick

I donno if he was a saint, but he sure was cute!
OK, don’t go away. There’s more to this story.

Next Christmas Eve I was hidin’ again ‘hind the sofa
As he whooshed down the chimney
“I remember you,
You’re that girl, you’re Julie,”
That’s right, cutie pie.
“You were trouble from the git go
An’ now you’re back again, my friend.
Uh hum yeah
This ain’t right an’ it’s just got to stop”

“Only this time ach-ally I’m kinda glad ta’ see ya’,
I’m a little bit stuck here
Got a flat tire on a reindeer
An’ I’m plum done outa spares.”

Who ever heard of such a thing like that?
Well now remember, good people
It was just a dream
Just a dream…
It was just a dream about another night I met St. Nick

I never promised it would make much sense.

So I grabbed him my ol’ trusty bicycle pump
An’ we went swoosh up the chimney in a flash

And there stood Dasher, Dancer, Prancer an’ the others
I fixed that ol’ flat tire in the blink of a lash
An’ old Saint Nick was off like a shot

He’s shoutin’ “Merry Merry Christmas” across the sky
“To all a Happy Happy New Year”
He never looked back
He never said thanks
He just disappeared into the clouds

Hold on, just wait a minute, Santa!
Here I am stuck on the roof!
An’ no way I’m goin’ back down that chimney
It’s too darn dirty an’ I just don’t have it in me
An’ besides you never even said thank you

When I got up that morning — that Christmas morning —
My stocking was filled to the brim and overflowing
Presents in the kitchen
Presents in the bath tub
Presents in the attic and presents in the shed
And even one more under the pillow in my bed.

I coulda cried my eyes out
At all the presents he left me
But then again my friend
It was just a dream
It was just a dream about the night I met
Or was it?

It was just a dream about the night I met St. Nick

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