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The Third Floor

Désirée Goyette  •  Song


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The Third Floor
Music and Lyrics by Ed Bogas

There once was a man who lived in a house on the second floor
A house, which, floor-wise, had at least three
He woke up one day and found a staircase
At the top of which was a door
And on the door was written: Enter Me To Be Free.

You know there’s lots of people in this world livin’ on the second floor
In a world, which has at least, three floors
And there’s plenty of people standin’ at the top of some stairs
Sayin’, “Follow me if you want to be free.”

Now this man looked around at his home on the second floor
Everything nicely arranged in neat rows
There were his car keys, there’s his TV
With pictures of his heroes and his enemies
There’s his refrigerator, there are his clothes

He wondered if he could give it all up
For a glimpse of the third floor
After all, all his stuff was down here
And he’d never asked for anything more

But there was an itch that he couldn’t quite scratch
Tellin’ him to give it a try
So he climbed the stairs,
Not really knowing why

The third floor was empty,
But the view couldn’t be beat
He could see all the people on the second floor
In their rooms all nice and neat

Wise sayings began to come to him
He looked around for something to write them down
For others to know
Then he realized: all of his stuff was one floor below

Then began a year-long odyssey, that found him running around
Seeing things from the third floor and then writing them one floor down
He even moved a desk and a computer upstairs
Just to save some time
And a few clothes, and a refrigerator
You know, for snacks

He became a famous lecturer, runnin’ around tellin’ the truth
Bringing comfort to the aged and wisdom to the youth
He found himself becoming tired of moving from floor to floor
He didn’t really want to do it any more
Then he looked up and saw a staircase leading to the fourth floor
And written on it was: Enter Me To Be Free.

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