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This Babe that We Cherish

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This Babe That We Cherish is based on ideas from Mary Baker Eddy’s article The Cry of Christmas Tide, where she says, “Christian healing…is the babe we are to cherish.” It is a beautiful song to introduce a Christmas sing or service.

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This Babe That We Cherish

Words and music by Sara T Rockabrand

This babe born of Mary,
Sent from heaven above;
This babe that we cherish,
God’s own son beloved.
To him we bring our tribute,
Our carols and our art;
What more can I give him?
Give him my heart.

Life and Love appearing
In the perfect man;
God’s great gift revealing
His eternal plan;
This babe of Christian healing,
We cherish and adore.
Come, Christians, join in singing,
Praise forever more.

This babe that we cherish

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