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This Is All I Ask

Peter Link  •  Song


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This Is All I Ask
Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

I am a quiet man
A gentle man
Oh yes I’ve tried to live
By God’s own plan
Seeking the open sky
Giving me room to fly
On my own

And this is all I ask
For all I’ve known
Here on this tired earth
This rolling stone
Keeps me from rising up
From filling my rightful cup
On my own

So in my solitaire
My dark despair
I long for Thee
To take me there
Into the quiet sky
The open air
My liberty
This is all I ask of Thee
Yes this is all I ask

And when the time has come
When man shall stand
Each one and every one
As God’s own man
Then will my soul have flown
Then will I roll the stone
On my own

And when the sky rolls back
And opens wide
And I can touch the other side
And when the soul of man
Is one again
Forever free
This is where I long to be
This is all I ask
Forever free
Yes this is all I ask