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Through the Window

Désirée Goyette  •  Song


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Through the Window
Music and Lyrics by Désirée Goyette

Through the window,
Gotta find a way out
Through the window
I’ve been sitting in this velvet chair,
Wondering what’s out there
Take me anywhere
Through the window

Through the window
Lies a street before me
Leading somewhere
I see people passing by each day
Bet they have a lot to say
Gotta find a way
Through the window

Don’t care if it’s cold or stormy
Or if I end up begging for my bread
There’s a new world waiting for me there
Dreams are breathing out there, people are living out there
And I can’t stand missing out on one more word that’s said out –

Through the window
Gotta find a way out
Through the window
I can see me standing brave and tall
Free to rise and free to fall
Picture all the magic things I could do
Through the window
Won’t you take me there with you?

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