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Too Much to Smile About

Sara Renner  •  Song


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Too Much to Smile About
Staci Frenes, Sara Renner, Nate Sabin
c. 2008 Stone’s Throw Music/ASCAP Lone Soul Publishing/ASCAP, Lorilu Music/ASCAP

Verse 1
What can I say, at the end of the day
It’s just me myself and I
Am I glad about that
As a matter of fact
You ain’t gonna see me cry

Cause I got too much to smile
To spend my lifetime waitin’ around
Wondering whether the right thing will come along
And I got too many places to go
A beautiful world full of people to know
Ain’t gonna frown I got too much to smile about

Verse 2
Maybe it’s true, life is better with two
You know I wouldn’t mind at all
But I’m not gonna fuss
I got plenty a love
I have all I need right now

It’s okay, it’s alright
I love this season in my life
Sun by day, stars by night
Every good thing
Every good thing has its time

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