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Unto Us

The Solo Committee  •  Song


Unto Us, based on Isaiah 9:6,”unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given:” acknowledges that we are all seekers and have all been given the gift of Christ’s coming.

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Unto Us

Words by Carey and Sue Loomis
Music by Carey Loomis

Unto us a child is born!
Unto us a son is given!
He’ll be called Emanuel –
God is with us; God with us.

Light of Love, oh bless us all!
Baby Jesus, in a manger stall;
Born of Mary, pure of thought,
Innocence by all men sought.

Christ the King, by prophets long foretold,
Wise men brought him frankincense and gold.
Through his Soul inspired healing ministry,
He taught the Truth that makes men free.

Crucified by fear and guilt and sin,
Rising still, the Christly sense within,
Overcoming worldly hate and strife,
Showing forth the kingdom of eternal Life.

For the seekers everywhere,
For the gentile, Jew and Greek,
For disciples through all time,

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