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Where the Spirit of the Lord Is

Josh Henn  •  Song


Certain to become an instant classic, this gentle melody speaks to man’s true freedom.

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Where the Spirit of the Lord Is
Music and Lyrics by Carolyn Kardinal

In the stillness of the morning before the break of day,
I come to God on bended knee to silently watch and pray.
Lord, let Thy Spirit lead me and teach me of Thy ways.
Let me walk worthy of Thee. Let this be a holy day.

In the light that shines around me, no shadows can appear.
If I humbly walk in the Spirit, no danger shall I fear.
Sin and death have no power. Spirit fills me with God’s might.
God guides me and guards me. I am safe in Spirit’s light.

O fill me with Thy Spirit. Open my eyes that I may see.
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

I commune with the Father, and await His soft reply.
The still, small voice of Spirit is here and ever nigh.
My thought hears His whisper, directing from above.
In the inspiration of Spirit, I feel God’s ever present Love.

In Him is no condemnation. Forgiveness is the key
That unlocks all His blessings. His Truth sets man free!
His Spirit is steadfast and watches over me.
“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”


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