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Serah  •  Song


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Lyrics and Music by Serah

So forgetting what’s been done,
Packing your wings and moving on.
Try to feel what’s been said by some;
The point from here has just begun…

Like a little child still new to this
Open-eyed receptiveness;
All that’s good is deeper yes,
Yes, yes, yes, just like a first kiss…

chorus: Yes to synchronicity
When chords of love and life agree…
Yes to spring and summer sea
Yes to possibility….

A thousand candles floating down to the sea
Won’t set the sea on fire…
But like a lovely wind, the breath of Love
Lifts up the wings of pure desire.

chorus: Yes to Love that sets us free
When all the heart and mind agree..
Yes to spring and summer sea
Yes to whats inside of me

Help me ,God, lift up my head
And see the path of Light instead
Of this lonely road where my footsteps bled…
And help me say “yes” to simple daily bread…

chorus: Yes to synchronicity
Where chords of love and life agree
Yes to spring and summer sea
Yes to possiblity….

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