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You Can Be Peter Pan

Janina Sebesky  •  Song


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You Can Be Peter Pan

Music and Lyrics by Janina Serden Sebesky

The clock is ticking, it’s moving too fast
You’ve gotta make the moment last
Life goes on and time goes by, if in a circle or a line
Time can be your very best friend,
With no beginning or an end
Everything changes but life rearranges

You can be Peter Pan, livin’ in Neverland
Don’t ever need a plan to enjoy each day
Little Red Riding Hood, goin’ into the wood
Had to deal with the bad and good to come out okay

Telephone, fax and you’ve got mail
Somebody needs you, and you must be there
So much pressure to make the right choice
Take the call waiting or hear your own voice
Life is moving, it’s passing by
You can be happy if you only try
Make your own music, use it or lose it

You can be Superman, flyin’ across the land
Takin’ a mighty stand to make truth your way
If you are very smart and follow with your heart
Then you can play the part in your life today
No Charlie Brown can bring you down
You’re so amazing, so amazing
You can be Peter Pan

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