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A Beautiful Day

Arlene Pourroy  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Joyfulness, good humor and fun in a delightful melody accompanied by variations on one basic musical figure. Easy.

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A beautiful day
(A rainy day at a party)

Text: Steve Okwor
Composer: Arlene Pourroy

If I had a say on a beautiful day like this
Filled with merriment and cheerful delight,
I would say, Let the rain and the mist and the fog
Disappear into darkness and marry the night.
And there by the river let the sleepless frog
Croak endlessly for the sun and daylight.
But knowing sometimes all nature without a doubt
Needs the rain for dew and the sunshine that warms:
Where life rains love and tolerance, joy is sure to sprout.
Who would want more, being cradled in Love’s arms.

Copyright 2012 Steve Okwor
All rights reserved

Copyright 2012 Steve Okwor All rights reserved