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Abide At Your House

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Music by Melanie Harrington Alcazar. ‘Abide at your House’ is the story of Zacchaeus, as retold by Arlene Pourroy. Bible reference Luke 19:1-10

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Abide At Your House
Music by Melanie Harrington Alcazar
Lyrics by Arlene Pourroy / Bible reference Luke 19:1-10

Through the mist of words on a story page,
I see the Savior coming my way.
Ahead of the others I go with haste and high than they I climb,
I climb so I can hear what he will say,
Come down, today I must abide at your house.
And I think, is my house ready and grand?
Shall I order magnificent food?

Then the crowd starts to murmur and I hear them say,
He has gone to be with a sinner today.
Down, down I climb;
O Lord I say, the half of my goods I will give to the poor,
And what I have taken I will restore;
I will restore.
In gladness I have the Savior then say,
Salvation has come to this house today.

Copyright 1999 Wordlight Publishing.

Copyright 1999 Wordlight Publishing.