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Abide With Me

Kevin McCarter  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Strands of this loved hymn weave together with new melodic lines to create a solo that feels both familiar and fresh.

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Abide With Me
Music by: Kevin McCarter
Lyrics by: Bertha H. Woods

Abide with me; fast breaks the morning light;
Our daystar rises, banishing all night;
Thou art our strength, O Truth that maketh free,
We would unfailingly abide in Thee.

I know no fear, with Thee at hand to bless,
Sin hath no power and life no wretchedness;
Health, hope and love in all around I see
For those who trustingly abide in Thee.

I know Thy presence every passing hour,
I know Thy peace, for Thou alone art power;
O Love divine, abiding constantly,
I need not plead, Thou dost abide with me.

© 2006