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Angels at the Saviour’s Birth

Jakob Hintze  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


This is a setting for solo voice of Hymn 11 in the Christian Science Hymnal. It is pitched a minor 3rd higher and has a more ornate accompaniment to give the sense of joy and wonder that the words express. It is particularly suitable for Christmas, but the message is timeless.

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Angels at the Saviour’s Birth
Music by John F. Wilson
Words by Marion Susan Campbell

Angels at the Saviour’s birth
Woke with music all the earth;
Shepherds in the eastern sky
Saw a pale star passing by,
Guiding them at break of day,
Where the babe in meekness lay,
Born the gracious news to tell –
God with us, Emmanuel.

Star of being, still thy light
Shines before us in the night.
By those radiant beams we find
Christ, the truth for all mankind.
Still the tidings angels bring
With their joyful carolling,
Telling that the dawn has come –
God and man fore’er at one.