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As You Do Unto The Least Of These

Ann Stephan  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


This solo sets one of Christ Jesus’ parables to music in a folksy, storytelling style. Gentle yet rhythmic accompaniment supports the voice.

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As You Do Unto The Least Of These
Text from Matthew 25: 35-40
Music by Ann Stephan

And the King will say
Come and receive the kingdom
Prepared for you
From the creation of the world

For I was hungry
And you gave me food
I was thirsty
And you gave me drink
I was a stranger and you welcomed me

I was needy
And you clothed me
I was ailing
And you helped me
I was in prison and you came to me

And the righteous will answer
When, Lord
When did we ever see you
Hungry and give you food
Or thirsty and give you drink
Or a stranger and invite you in

Or needy and clothe you
Or ailing and help you
Or in prison and come to you

And the King will say
Truly I say to you
As you did unto the least of these
You did unto me

As you do unto the least of these
You do unto me