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Be Glad In Heart

G. O'Connor-Morris  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Music by G. O’Connor Morris. Lyrics by Edgar Newgass.

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Be Glad In Heart
Music by G. O’Connor-Morris
Lyrics by Edgar Newgass

The Father’s tender love can never wane nor waver,
His arms outstretch above, Eternal is His favour.

REFRAIN: Be glad in heart, His praise in word and work expressing.
Walk ye in all His ways, Rejoicing in His blessing,
Rejoicing, Rejoicing, Rejoicing in His blessing.

Commune with Him my soul, With Him who is perfection.
His kingdom be our goal Where man is Love’s reflection.


Let us uplift our thought To Him in adoration,
Whose steadfast arms support His well beloved creation.


Copyright 1952 Carl Fischer, Inc.

Copyright 1952 Carl Fischer, Inc.