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Bring to the Christ

Elizabeth Ragsdale  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Recounts how three Bible characters sought Christ Jesus for healing of sin, disease, or death. Concludes with invitation to bring your own burden to the Christ.

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Bring to the Christ
Music and Lyrics by Elizabeth Ragsdale

Verse 1
He brought to Christ his withered hand,
This man who had labored in stone.
The rulers knew that to heal on this day
Was not what the law would grant.
But what did the Master know?
Only what’s right. Only a man who was whole.

Verse 2
She brought to Christ her contrite heart,
Washing his feet with her tears.
Simon thought that a prophet would know
To bid this sinner depart.
But what did the Master perceive?
Only her love. Only her purity.

Verse 3
He brought to Christ his urgent plea.
His daughter was passing away.
When the mourners heard that the child had died,
They began to wail and weep.
But what did the Master accept?
Only her life. Only a child who had slept.

Verse 4
Bring to the Christ what you cannot bear.
Come with humility.
The arrogant one would boast of his pow’r
And try to set a snare.
But what will the Christ reveal?
Only that which is right.
Only his perfect love.
Only your forever life.