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Child of God

Ruth E. Lambert  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Contemporary, moderate difficulty. Deeply meaningful lyrics set to lovely melodies. A comforting affirmation that we are all the children of God.

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Hark, child of God!
This babbling mortal is not thy true self,
The image pure of Love,
The image pure of Love.

Rise, child of God!
The fear that would ensnare thee is unreal,
It has nor place nor power.

Know, child of God,
The Father’s presence here thy strength supplies,
And meets each daily need,
And meets each daily need.

Sing, child of God,
Sweet songs of gratitude forevermore,
Thou image pure of Love,
Thou image pure of Love.

Words: Used by permission
Music: ©2012 Estate of Ruth E. Lambert