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Christmas Awakening

John William Gordon  •  Digital Sheet Music


The text expresses the transformational healing resulting from Christ’s coming. The quick but lilting tune flows between a major key and its relative minor to reflect the changes in perception brought forth in the text.

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Title: Christmas Awakening
Lyricist: John William Gordon
Composer: John William Gordon

At sixes and sevens, the world upside down,
Our feet in the heavens and heads underground,
We saw a star gleaming, we heard angels sing,
“Awake from your dreaming and follow the King.

“His compass will guide you o’er mountains and plains,
His spirit beside you. His government reigns
Above Southern Cross and the Star of the North,
He burns up the dross while refining man’s worth.”

This little child led us from darkness to light,
He healed us and fed us and taught us aright.
His mountaintop mind, his magnanimous love
Gave sight to the blind, hopeful wings to the dove.

As north became south and as east became west,
Soft words graced our mouths, lovingkindness our breasts,
And citizen flocks built their mansions on grand
Celestial rock, not terrestrial sand.

Words copyright, 2009, by John William Gordon

copyright, 2009, by John William Gordon