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Come Walk On The Water

Carolyn Kardinal  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Lyrics by Carolyn Kardinal. Copyright 2008 C. Kardinal. From a personal experience in which she was instantaneously healed, Kardinal presents this solo as a first person ballad, with a fantastic chorus, “Come, walk on the water with me. Rise above the tempestuous sea.” Another congregation favorite! For Keyboard/Vocal. Low range (B-E’).

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by Carolyn Kardinal

I laid my head on my pillow and closed my weary eyes.
To find my Redeemer, I had to look deep inside.
I prayed for understanding. I longed to touch the Christ.
And feel His Love around me with the blessings of true Life.

There was an instant flash. Light flooded me.
I understood my perfection, for I saw as He would see.
The power of His presence came from deep inside.
I knew I had found Him. In that moment I couldnʼt hide.
He said, (chorus)

“Come walk on the water with me.
Rise above the tempestuous sea.
Donʼt be afraid. Let the Truth set you free.
Youʼre safe in the arms of my Love.”

I opened my eyes slowly and wiped away joyʼs tear.
Iʼd never be alone again. Heʼd always be right here.
I looked around my little room. My things were in their place,
But their value was diminished now that Iʼd seen His face.
He said,(chorus)

“The Kingdom of God is within you” so the Master said.
Until then Iʼd never understood those words stored in my head.
Since then Iʼve felt His presence only a thought away.
I know His words are true. He talks with me every day,
He says, (chorus)